“Gary wasn’t like the rest of the attorneys he knew all the people he was going up against and how to handle every situation. It is because of Gary that my case was dismissed and I got my life back and I cannot thank him enough.”

“[Gary] treated me with the utmost respect and my case with such priority I felt like I was his only client.”

“A family friend referred us to Gary Miller who had a proven track record of commitment to his clients. When my father first met with Gary, we all felt at ease that we were finally in good hands. A mere phone conversation provided us with the much-needed comfort we needed to proceed with Gary as our attorney. Since that day, Gary has worked to walk us through the process and always keep my father’s best interest in mind…He was with us every step of the way, and for that we are extremely grateful. In the end, thanks to Gary, the case was dismissed through the Grand Jury and my father never had to face a trial.”

“[Gary] is a dedicated attorney, diligent in supporting his clients, and professional in doing his job. For those who have any criminal case, you may confidently rely on Mr. Miller.”

“Dear Mr. Miller, First of all I want to thank you for helping my son. Your professionalism in handling this case was par excellance. I would not hesitate to contact you anytime the need arises and would also highly recommend your services to anyone I know. Thank you!”

“Thank you for the special effort, skill, and extensive knowledge that helped so immensely with my son’s case. You did an excellent job. [We] were very deligthed in working with an attorney that cares about his client and understands the stress involved. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly appreciated…I would highly recommend your firm to all my friends.”

“In a very scary and daunting time for me, he came through in the most amazing ways. His words were never empty promises; he was always clear about what he would do his best to obtain. I respect this about his practice so much, and I would wholeheartedly recommend his service to absolutely anyone needing criminal defensethat goes many steps beyond basic competence and knowledge of the law. Much is the nebulous in the sea of attorneys out there; Gary was no less than a godsend in my life.”

“From the first court date until the final court date, Gary always treated me with respect. He talked to me like I was a longtime friend that he was representing, not just a client. Believe me when I tell you that going to court and facing jail time or a conviction on your record that could have negative consequences for the rest of your life can sure be a very unsettling thing to undertake by yourself. He represented my best interests with zealous and passion so that prosecutors could truly understand my side of the story so that when they rendered their final decision on my case it would be fair and consistent with the facts and not the emotion of what they were told by the plaintiff. As a result of Gary’s astute understanding of the law, experience being in the District Attorney’s office and his willingness to represent me with conviction led me to winning my case.
The bottom-line for me is if you’re looking for a top notch lawyer that will represent your interests to the fullest extent of the law, who is ultra-competent, a true professional and makes you feel comfortable in an otherwise very difficult setting, then take my advice and hire Gary Miller for whatever legal matter you’re in need of representation for. He is truly an outstanding lawyer.”

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