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Theft isn’t always bank fraud or embezzlement of millions of dollars but can include shoplifting, forgery, internet & website fraud, check theft, identity theft and employment theft. A shoplifting charge can carry serious consequences if you are convicted. It also is a crime of moral turpitude (like prostitution) meaning that your trustworthiness and honest name will be lost forever with a conviction. A conviction could also result in you being unable to rent an apartment and obtain gainful employment. Contact Houston theft attorney¬†Gary Miller immediately to start your defense now: 713-866-6233.

Examples of Theft Charges

Burglary of a Building

Burglary of a building is when a person enters a building that is not open to the public without the owner’s consent and with intent to commit a felony, theft, assault or remains concealed with intent. This is considered a state felony if committed in a building other than a habitation.

Burglary of a Habitation

Burglary to a habitation according to the Texas penal code section 30.02 is when a person enters a habitation without the consent of the owner and has intent to commit a felony, remains concealed with intent, or commits a felony, theft or assault. If a person is found guilty, they could be convicted of a felony of the second degree and if there was intent or if they committed any other felony than theft, they could be charged with a felony of the first degree.

Burglary of a Motor Vehicle

Texas penal code-section 30.04 states that, a person commits an offense if, without the effective consent of the owner, he breaks into or enters a vehicle or any part of the vehicle with intent to commit a felony or theft. This is considered a class a misdemeanor unless the vehicle or part of the vehicle is a railcar, in which event the offense is a state jail felony.

Theft by Check

Texas penal code section31-06 states that if a person obtained property or a service by issuing or passing a check for the payment of money, when they have no funds in the bank to cover the amount in full, this can be considered theft by check. Under any circumstance if a check is written for payment and the receiver of the check is unable to cash it due to fault of the person that wrote the check, it is considered theft by check.

Theft Charge

Theft is the intentional taking of another person’s property or money without permission. Theft can be a number of many different criminal activities such as robbery, burglary, embezzlement, tampering, looting, and shoplifting.

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