Sexual Assault of a Child Charges

Houston Sexual Assault Charge Lawyer

The sexual assault of a child is met with universal revulsion. In Texas, the mere allegation that you may have been sexually involved with a child is enough to make you an outsider. Your friends may start to distance themselves from you and assume that you are guilty until proven otherwise.

Sexual Assault of a Child Under Texas Law

According to the Texas Penal Code, the sexual assault of a child is any undesired sexual activity that negatively affects the physical, emotional or psychological well-being of a person under 18 years of age. Common examples of sexual assault include:

  • Unwanted touching, tickling or fondling
  • Sexually-explicit methods of communication
  • Observing lewd or pornographic images with minors

A sexual assault conviction is almost always treated as a second or third-degree felony. Convicted individuals face between two and 20 years in prison, as well as fines that could total up to $10,000. In some instances, persons with multiple convictions may face as much as 99 years in prison. State law requires those who are guilty of sexual assault to serve at least half of their prison sentence before becoming eligible for parole. If you have been accused of this crime, you should hire a sexual assault of a child attorney like Gary S. Miller who will do whatever it takes to protect your constitutional rights in a court of law.

Your Defense Against a Sexual Assault Charge

There are a number of ways to challenge and successfully defend against sexual assault charges. These defenses, however, will require the services of a sexual assault of a child lawyer with vast experience in all areas of sex crime law.

As a former Harris County prosecutor, Houston criminal defense attorney Gary S. Miller will bring his professionalism and expertise to your defense if you have been wrongly accused of sexual assault of a child. Along with his staff and co-counsels at Miller Law Group, Miller will personally review the facts of your case and devise a plan to prove your innocence.

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