Public Lewdness

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Public lewdness is a sex crime that refers to deliberately performing a sexual act in the full view of others. The act does not have to include nudity or intercourse. Some examples of public lewdness in Texas are exposure of the genitals (indecent exposure), sex with animals (bestiality) and physical contact of a sexual nature. The offenders typically do not pose any treat to the public. Instead, they exhibit the signs of poor judgment, often while intoxicated.

Possible Punishments for Public Lewdness

Depending on the severity of the crime, the law is implemented as follows:

  • Simple exposure of the genitals in public may result in being jailed for up to six months and fines of up to $2,000.
  • More severe cases of lewdness may include confinement for up to 12 months and up to $4,000 in fines.
  • A criminal background check may prevent a person convicted of public lewdness from obtaining employment in certain fields.

Additional Consequences of Public Lewdness

Once charged with public lewdness, an individual may face the scrutiny of the public as well as family and friends. People who have engaged in sexual activities in public may be labeled as “perverts” or other insults. In actuality, most individuals perform these acts on a dare or because of emotional issues. However, the effects can be devastating and can severely impose on a person’s life for extended periods of time. Termination of employment, banishment from certain locations and loss of visitation rights or child custody may follow the conviction.

The first step after being accused is to enlist the help of an experienced public lewdness attorney who is knowledgeable about the possible defenses. First time offenders are often able to have the charges completely dismissed. In many cases, the charges are reduced to public indecency, and the jail time is suspended. Acts of public lewdness are typically treated as misdemeanors and may result in professional counseling without any further consequences. A probation period may be bargained in place of confinement.

Talk to Public Lewdness Attorneys in Houston, TX

A legal team will evaluate the circumstances and all evidence related to the case. It is important to contact a public lewdness lawyer immediately after the arrest to avoid self-incrimination. Special assistance is given to a minor as the record may be permanently sealed once the defendant becomes of age. A solid legal defense will help ensure a positive outcome and allow the offender to recover from a temporary lapse of judgment. If the case goes to trial, strong legal representation will be crucial to protect a defendant’s rights.

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