Indecency With a Child

Houston Indecency With a Child Lawyer

Indecency with a child is a serious criminal charge under Texas law. The accusation of any type of sexual abuse of a minor can cause a defendant to suffer from humiliation and disgrace. An individual who is under investigation for this sex crime should seek a consultation with an experienced indecency with a child attorney before giving their statement to the police or speaking with police investigators. Once a defendant is charged, he should immediately speak to a qualified defense attorney.

The Legal Definition of ‘Indecency With a Child’

Indecency with a child includes improper sexual contact by an adult with a minor. The crime may also refer to allegations that an adult exposed their sexual organs or anus to minors with the intent to cause sexual arousal. An adult who causes a minor to expose their anus or sexual organs with the intent to cause sexual arousal also faces criminal conviction for indecency with a child.

Possible Penalties

A defendant convicted of this felony faces severe and humiliating criminal penalties:

  • A prison sentence of up to 20 years
  • Registration on the Texas sex offender list
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Expensive criminal fines

A convicted individual may also be prohibited from owning a gun, applying for certain jobs or living in certain areas that are close to schools or other buildings where children congregate.

Potential Legal Defenses

A good criminal attorney can find legal defenses to assist an accused individual. For example, if an adult touches a child without the intent to cause sexual arousal, that innocent touch is not indecency with a child under the law. Similarly, an adult who accidentally touches a child has not committed a crime. An adult of the opposite sex who is less than three years older than the minor and who did not use duress or force in their dealings with the minor has an excellent legal defense.

Get Help From a Houston Indecency With a Child Attorney

A person who is accused of unscrupulous behavior with a child should immediately seek legal representation from a qualified attorney. Residents of the Houston area should talk to the Miller Law Group, PLLC. Their attorneys are an experienced in criminal law and are dedicated to fighting for the rights of people who are charged with serious crimes.

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