ALR Hearings

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Most people who are charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Texas do not realize that it is their responsibility to schedule an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing. In this hearing, a judge determines whether or not to negate a person’s driving privileges. A person has up to 15 days after a DWI arrest to schedule an ALR hearing. If he fails to do so, his driver’s license is instantaneously revoked 41 days after his arrest.

Should I Hire an ALR Lawyer?

If a driver refuses or fails a field sobriety test prior to a DWI arrest, he must ask for an ALR hearing. Aside from the heavy fines that are incurred for a DWI conviction, a person may face the following penalties for drunk driving:

  • A typical first offense results in a driver’s license suspension of 90 days. If the driver refused to partake in a breath test, his license may be suspended for 180 days.
  • If the driver has gotten one previous DWI conviction within the last five years, his license may be suspended for a year.
  • If the driver has two previous DWI convictions, his license may be suspended for two years.

An individual who has scheduled an ALR hearing should seek legal representation from an aggressive criminal defense lawyer. A skilled attorney who has ample experience with DWI or motor vehicle crimes can prepare a sturdy defense on his behalf.

An ALR lawyer like Gary Miller will make sure that the proper protocol was followed in the collection of the defendant’s breath and blood samples. He can also affirm that the accused driver does not pose a danger to other motorists, and that the revocation of his license would create immense hardships for him or his family.

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In the event that your license is revoked, a dedicated ALR attorney can assist you in obtaining an occupational driver’s license that will allow you to drive to work or school. Attorney Gary Miller specializes in DWI and ALR hearings. He will listen to your concerns, evaluate your situation and give you a customized legal consultation.

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