Houston Criminal Lawyer | Someone is Watching

Technology has become such a big part of our everyday lives that people do not stop to  think about how their every movement and action is recorded and ultimately saved.  High definition surveillance video cameras are in every store and mall in America to catch employees and shoppers stealing.

I have seen videos of fights recorded on surveillance cameras.  In one particular instance, the video was used to show who started a fight.  As a criminal defense attorney, I use all resources to prove my client’s case, so you need to make certain your Houston criminal lawyer is looking at the technological aspect of your case.

For example, what if you were charged with a liquor violation of selling a minor alcohol?  The video could be used either for or against you.  Hopefully, you checked the ID and your case can easily be dismissed just by watching the video.

But you have to remember that everything you do is being watched on some level and it just isn’t in public places.  Simply using your cell phone at your home gives information such as GPS location, cell tower usage, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, email storage, call logs and text messages along with apps that are full of information that can come back to be used against you. Of course, usually this information is not examined or utilized for any purpose other than fun as one man recently.

However, law enforcement is also utilizing this technological information to charge people with crimes, pinpoint location at a particular time, destroy alibis, build motive, and all sorts of other things.  Coded language in text messages and phone records allow police to gather intelligence about drug deals and move up the supply chain.   Routinely threats and photographs through text messages have been used to bolster allegations of telephone harassment.

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