Houston Criminal Lawyer | Harassing Texts

Social media and other technology like taxing has greatly impacted the way people interact. Sometimes it is much easier to email or text someone than to try and get them on the phone.

Unfortunately with good advances there also comes bad effects.

People can get themselves into serious trouble by texting, emailing or facebook messaging harassing content to others.  An example of this can be seen in a recent article about a former HISD school teacher who sent disturbing texts and facebook messages to a Texas State Representative.

These types of electronic communications on their face can provide proof into a Harris County Prosecutor’s case which might otherwise be lacking. Electronic communications are usually saved forever and law enforcement routinely check computers, cell phones, and social websites during investigations. It is very easy to identify, save and exploit the immense amount of information that is sent via electronic communications.

Jurors, in their own minds, expect to see digital evidence presented in court from legal shows they watch on TV(aka, referred “the CSI effect”).  In the instance where these things were said face-to-face, absent a recording device or witness, the matter turns into a “he said, she said” debate on which a skilled defense attorney can capitalize. However, there isn’t much left for reasonable doubt when the prosecution has hard evidence that these threatening or  harassing communications existed.

A defense can be mounted for you, but it does make a harder case for you so beware of what you send in electronic communications.

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