What happens when someone I care about has been arrested?

Following an arrest a person will be booked into the jail, arraigned (which is also means given notice of the charges) by a judge, and a bail amount will be set that will need to be posted in order for the person to be released. We can help you get through this process, if the person you care about is still in custody. Bail bondsman charge varying fees so it pays to shop around and use a reputable company; I have companies that I trust for my clients that I can connect you with. Also sometimes cases involve a person’s bond being set at zero or too high an amount for their loved ones to post the bail for them; if you retain us we will fight to obtain a bail amount that is within your financial means resulting in saving you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars along with getting the person charged out of jail and back where they belong, at home, to return to work and spend time with their loved ones. This also allows them to be directly involved with developing possible defenses.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, but since every case is unique and has its own set of difficulties, Gary Miller can work with to establish a payment plan going forward because we understand that you did not plan in advance for the costs of handling a criminal case and you need a good lawyer and they do not come cheap. Our fees are significant and reflect our skill, talent and experience. The value we offer more than makes up for the higher fees; such as personal access to us and our cell phone numbers for VIP treatment.  Many clients need payment plans but we also accept all major credit cards if you prefer.

How long should I wait to hire an attorney?

You should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately following arrest. Strategic decisions need to be made that could affect your entire case and deadlines that need to be met that could negatively harm you if you delay. A key deadline in DWI cases is that your driver’s license will automatically  be suspended if you do not request a hearing within 15 days from arrest. Do not delay in getting professional advice from a Houston criminal lawyer that is dedicated to defending individuals accused of committing crimes.

How do I know what attorney to hire?

If you have been charged criminally you need a criminal defense attorney.  Just as you would not ask your general physician to perform heart surgery, you should not just hire any attorney who might practice criminal defense every once in awhile.  All attorneys have their various niches and simply being a licensed attorney does not mean you have the knowledge or experience to properly represent someone on a criminal matter. The Harris County criminal courthouse is a small community and your freedom is at stake; it matters who your attorney is when entering a courtroom, the prosecutor and judge will take note of whom your lawyer is.

Where is the Criminal Courthouse located in Houston?

The Harris County Criminal Justice Center is located at 1201 Franklin Street, Houston, TX 77002. When arriving for court, dress for the occasion like you understand the serious nature of having a pending criminal case, church attire or dress for a professional business meeting is appropriate. Do not wear shorts or offensive t-shirts. Do not make a spectacle of yourself or draw needless attention by the court staff by wearing inappropriate clothing.  When you enter the criminal courthouse through the metal detectors, there is a court directory so you may located the floor where your courtroom is located.