DWI Arrest/Investigation – No innocent answers

Police officers are trained to ask seemingly innocent questions in order to gain valuable information that can assist them to gather further evidence or to develop probable cause to arrest you. During DWI investigations, officers ask simple questions about where you have been or where you are going and what time you believe it is right now. Any answer provided by you,  will then be twisted to demonstrate that you are intoxicated.  People in contact with police officers are immediately nervous and defensive and might give long explanations. The longer the answer there is more of a chance that at least one fact might be inaccurate. It is very difficult to estimate what time it is when requested, further compounded by a police officer interogating you. Intimidation is also an unspoken tactic that officers use to put pressure of suspects in the hope that fear will also make them more likely to confess or make false statements that can be used later in court. The Miranda warnings do not apply while an investigation is pending since no one has been placed into custody; officers, of course, know how to skilfully coax information without even placing handcuffs on you.

If you are pulled over for a possible DWI investigation, politely decline to answer police questions and immediately request a lawyer. Do not change your mind and break down and start answering the questions. It will be difficult, but you must hold steady in your ability to respectfully refuse to answer any police questions. I regularly help individuals on  that could have helped themselves by simply being quiet. Prosecutors and police officers have infinite resources to investigate a case against you, please do not give them more information that could possible be used to convict you.

Contact me immediately if you have been arrested in Harris County. I will use my skill, experience, knowledge and talent to defend you from the government.


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