Terroristic Threat: A word of warning

An Austin teenager remains jailed charged with making a terroristic threat for making a statement on Facebook. The charge can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on to whom the threat was conveyed to. As a Houston criminal defense lawyer, I have successfully … Continue reading

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Intoxication manslaughter and Intoxication assault

The Houston Chronicle reported the latest arrest made for intoxication manslaughter and intoxicated assault in Harris County, Texas. Harris County is one of the top areas in the country for vehicle fatalities related to alcohol. The Harris County District Attorney’s … Continue reading

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Arrest Warrant Issued for Former NFL Wide Receiver Chad Johnson

An arrest warrant has been issued for the arrest of former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson. The warrant was given on May 7 in Florida. Johnson, 35, was scheduled to meet with his probation officer on Feb. 15 and March 15, … Continue reading

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Man Tries to Sell Truck on Craigslist, is Shot, Carjacked by Buyer

A Houston man who tried to sell his Ford F-150 truck on Craigslist was shot and carjacked on Thursday night when he met the buyer. The owner of the pickup truck and a friend met the interested buyer at a restaurant at … Continue reading

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Man Charged in 30-Year-Old Murder Case

Police in Galveston County believe that a 30-year-old cold case is finally coming to an end. Detectives had always been suspicious of Clyde Hendrick, 59. He is now charged with murder because of recent forensic findings. The victim, Elena Rae … Continue reading

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Houston Criminal Lawyer | Harassing Texts

Social media and other technology like taxing has greatly impacted the way people interact. Sometimes it is much easier to email or text someone than to try and get them on the phone. Unfortunately with good advances there also comes bad effects. People … Continue reading

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Houston Criminal Lawyer | Holiday Theft

The end of the year is usually associated with holiday cheer, spending time with friends and family, and festive parties. Unfortunately, many people forget that crime generally increases during the holiday season. Retail crime rises as much as 30% during this time especially … Continue reading

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Houston Criminal Lawyer | Welcome

My name is Gary S. Miller, and I enjoy being a Houston Criminal Attorney. I recently realized that my clients are continually interested in my background and are actually interested to find out more about me, which I guess is understandable since their … Continue reading

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Houston Criminal Lawyer | Someone is Watching

Technology has become such a big part of our everyday lives that people do not stop to  think about how their every movement and action is recorded and ultimately saved.  High definition surveillance video cameras are in every store and … Continue reading

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Houston Criminal Lawyer | DWI’s Aren’t Only About Drinking

Not many people outside Houston criminal lawyers, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies keep up with changing laws in Texas; however, a new law took effect on September 1, 2011 that deals with with a drug known as K2 or Spice … Continue reading

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