American Citizens and the Right to Bear Arms

Americans were granted the right to bear arms in 1791, which was when the Second Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. It is very difficult for lawmakers to interpret the amendment, but the U.S. Supreme Court has determined that most … Continue reading

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How Does the Fifth Amendment Prevent Self-Incrimination?

Defendants incriminate themselves if they offer direct or indirect evidence that they committed a crime. Under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, defendants in the United States are under no obligation to incriminate themselves. Examples of Self-Incrimination If the … Continue reading

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Federal Criminal Charges

The following post was provided by Lauren Williams, legal writer for King Law Offices Federal criminal charges stem from violations of legislation that has been enacted by the United States Congress. Of course, every resident in the United States is … Continue reading

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DNA Testing in Criminal Cases

The following is a guest post by Ron Mondello. The opinions in the article below do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Miller Law Group, PLLC. DNA testing is fast becoming an important choice for linking individuals with crime scenes. … Continue reading

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