Affordable Legal Counsel in Houston

Being arrested for a crime is a stressful situation for anyone. During this difficult time, a skilled criminal defense lawyer can help a client navigate the uncertainties of what to expect and offer guidance on getting back to normal life. Unfortunately, many people facing an arrest assume that they cannot afford the services of an expert attorney. Others do not realize that some attorneys and legal firms offer payment plans and services based on what clients can pay. Houston criminal defense lawyer Gary S. Miller believes that everyone should have access to the best legal representation possible and is willing to customize his payment schedules and legal services to each client’s financial situation.

Houston Legal Counsel With Payment Plans

Attorney Gary S. Miller offers to every client a free case review, in which he evaluates the details of the arrest and lists the possible tactics for defense. Each client will leave with a better understanding of the charges and an idea of possible outcomes for his unique case. At the end of the consultation, the firm will prepare a retainer agreement for representation for the felony or misdemeanor case. However, clients are not asked to sign the retainer and are never pressured to sign a contract. Upon signing the agreement, Mr. Miller will aggressively go to work on the case.

Many criminal cases are time-sensitive, and the more time an attorney has to prepare for a case, the better the outcome. Regardless of your perceived innocence or guilt, Miller Law Group, PLLC will do whatever it takes to protect your future.

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If you are facing an arrest, call 713-866-6233 today to get the legal help you need. Do not let the fear of high legal fees stop you from having the best legal representation available in Houston. With customizable payment plans, the lawyers at Miller Law can assist people of all budgets. Attorney Gary Miller will personally handle your case. He is a smart and fearless lawyer who does whatever it takes to protect his clients’ legal rights.

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