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Ian Inglis – Attorney Inglis knows how scary it is being charged with a crime. He will guide you along the criminal procedures to provide the best possible outcome for your case.

Law Guru – Law Guru provides a user friendly interface where real people can ask real lawyers questions on all types of legal issues.

Law Office of Henry K. Nguyen – Have you been arrested for a DWI related offense? Give Henry Nguyen a call to discuss your options.

Lawyer Rand Mintzer – A wrongful conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. Let attorney Rand Mintzer and his team help you fight false charges and prove your innocence.

Houston Law News – Houston Law News provides the latest legal news in the Houston area.

Sharp & Driver, Attorneys at Law – The criminal defense attorneys at Sharp & Driver invite you to contact them at your convenience. They are experienced at defending all types of crimes and are willing to represent you with non-judgmental discretion.

The Law Office of James Alston – If you’ve been charged with theft, you need an experienced lawyer with the right training for your case. Contact the Law Office of James Alston for a free consultation today.

Lawyer Bill White – Mr. White specializes in defending federal and state criminal charges in Austin and surrounding areas.

Law Office of Greg Tsioros – Have you been falsely accused of a sex crime? Don’t fight the charges alone. Call the Law Firm of Greg Tsioros for a free consultation today.

Republic Property Tax – The property tax consultants work with residential and business property owners to help lower their appraisals and reduce the property taxes they owe to the state.

Lawyer Brett A. Podolsky –Brett A. Podolsky has over 15 years of experience defending criminal cases.

Mario Madrid – Attorney Mario Madrid helps individuals who have been charged with DWI, assault, theft, fraud and many other crimes. Visit his website or give him a call today.

Going Legal – For up-to-date news and articles on legal issues, visit the free article directory at

Attorney Shahin Zamir – Are you facing criminal prosecution in Houston? Contact Shahin Zamir for an aggressive defense.

Billy Skinner – Visit attorney Billy Skinner’s DWI resource page for a breakdown of common offense, penalties and defenses to drunk driving charges.